Thursday, January 20, 2011


Since I've been working on Mystery Incorporated I thought I'd start posting some stuff here. Above is a mock up showing an action scene. I did this around my 4th or 5th piece in of initial sketching the new look. The first couple pieces were just single characters and figuring out where changes were made and then I did some group shots. This was one that I thinked worked pretty well being that it was pretty confined in a given space. I didn't pursue it in color though.

After I drew a bunch of stuff for it, the next thing I had to do was master the ink line style and how I was to match it. It was fairly simple since the style guide is inked in Adobe Illustrator with the pen tool and you keep the setting on the pen tool so that you keep a rounded end on the end of every line you do. It's a dead weight line all around. It's a little bland with no depth but it works well for this look. Above is a test piece I sent to WB to show them what I did. The left piece is from the new style guide for Mystery Inc and the right is my sketch I did and inked to match the line thicknesses. It's a little tricky at first trying to get the right thicknesses so that they aren't too thick or too thin especially on the face details and especially on Daphne's lips, but since it's all done in Illustrator and every line is separate, it's fast and easy to fix. I make the nose lines and mouth lines just a hair thinner than the exterior lines so it doesn't make the line art too "muddy" or unreadable. I colored mine with Shaggy's base colors just to make him pop a bit more. Also I adjusted the chin hair a bit and made them slightly bigger. The style guide has the classic turns for the characters which are pretty standard and then some original poses which are much more exaggerated so I had to find an 'in-between" so that I could draw the thing with some kind of consistency. The exaggeration of the style guide is much different from the actual show so I found a middle ground that uses both that I think works pretty well. Enjoy!

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