Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday With SHAGGY!

I went back into my original inking sample of Shaggy that I did and decided to make a portrait piece of him and so I thickened the lines a bit to make them look more consistent with the final work I did and to match Scooby's lines for a portrait I'll post tomorrow. The basic idea was that if I printed these out at the same size they would all work together and look correct. If one had thinner or thicker lines that the others, it would stand out apart from the others and we don't want that. I was going to draw them together but opted to draw them separately as portrait style. I added his shading to him and made a cool little background that frames him. I draw that little framing thing behind him by hand usually when I do sketches at conventions but here I created a digital version. I love the background color and it pushes him forward. It's also amazing now that I go over some of the early pieces I did for Mystery Incorporated and see the little errors I made and fixed before I started by main project. It does take a while to hone the look and how things work so that you can get consistency out of your drawings. Velma seems to be the biggest hurdle as her glasses are thicker and she out of all of them was tweaked the most. As I said, the hardest part is the inking process since you are trying to make the lines thick but not too thick. Especially on the inner face lines and Daphne's lips always seem to be the worst thing to do. Sometimes you just have to eyeball it and print it out and look at it and then refix. There was one piece that I kept going back into and refixed three times before I was happy with it. Thankfully it was all digital so it made life easy. I can't imagine doing it with ink on paper.

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