Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HAL & AL Meet SCOOBY-DOO! Career Highlight far!

People have always asked me, especially when I do 'speak and sketches' at schools or libraries, what my favorite creative moment is or something that I've done (or worked on) that gave me the biggest thrill. Well, this is definitely one for my book! There was a "Walk For Cancer" Charity Event in Baton Rouge mid-last year, which was sponsored by Cartoon Network and Cox Communications (who run the Hal & Al TV show every morning!) and other big companies were there...and that's where Hal & Al met Scooby-Doo!

This is a thrill for sure since I've been drawing Scooby-Doo for nine years now and now he meets two characters that I created! As a creator, I love it, love it, love it! Hal & Al were an idea that Scott Innes and Jim Hogg had and I took a blank piece of paper and designed them back in February of 2006. They had a real loose idea of what they wanted and gave me free reign to create them and make them fun. About four months later, as we were getting the first Hal & Al music CD manufactured, another thrill for me was seeing the photos of the Hal & Al costumes being made by Scollon Productions (who make ALL the costumes for Disney World and Universal Theme Parks) and finally seeing Hal & Al in 3D for the first time and signing off on their head design sculpts! Yowza! That was an incredible moment from paper to real life!

Here's Hal & Al, Scooby, and the LSU Men's Basketball Team at the event!

Here's Hal & Al with the Sponsor logos!

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