Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HAL & AL, Rave Theaters, and BR Brec Zoo Charity Pics!

Here are the boys with the Baton Rouge Brec Zoo Charity donation coin box I designed and did the art for earlier this year! Next Day Signs constructed the actual box based on my designs and did a fantastic job with it. Since we didn't have a puppet elephant or predesigned sponsor mascot of an elephant available for a photo shoot, I had to draw a cartoon elephant and place him around the photos of Hal & Al. There were three of these boxes placed center stage in three Rave Motion Picture Theaters! Rave also runs an ad for Hal & Al before every movie advertising the Hal & Al TV Show, so they've been a great help to us! Hal & Al raised $2,000 for the Elephant Oasis the Zoo is building!

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