Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More HAL & AL Stuff! Billboards and Borden!

Here's a billboard that I did where I got to draw Hal & Al in their original cartoon forms with a cartoon tiger for an LSU celebration poster. The LSU Football team won it all last year and are the top team in college football, so maybe they can repeat this year. When I go down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for Hal & Al work I see how much the city of Baton Rouge is bathed in LSU colors and every Saturday or Sunday before a game, EVERYONE is wearing purple and gold. It gets real quiet before game time and every bar, restaurant, or gatherings at peoples' homes is a big event. The city is built around a team. Being a Pennsylvania boy, it's like going to Penn State University and seeing Joe Pa stuff and Penn State colors all over town!

Also, Hal & Al have Borden's Milk as a major sponsor now too! They are helping with the Hal & Al concert this November! Here was a pitch ad I whipped out in a hurry that was used to excite them about working with us.

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