Wednesday, August 13, 2008

POWER RANGERS Colorist is...!

Well, it's been a good busy summer so far. Better to have too much than too little! Feast or famine as any contractor knows. So busy in fact that I have to get help to finish the Power Ranger storybooks I'm doing. First time in 17 years, I needed help to get everything all done. It seems to be the year of the Power Rangers for me so far. Been working on the Jungle Fury stuff since mid-February and still going. So I had to get help and I had an audition test to find who would be the best and match the style of the first book that was done and whom Disney would like and approve of in the end as well. A large task to fill. There were about 24 actual final samples submitted and the winner was Candy Bell! She did a great job on it and everyone liked what she did, so I'm posting her sample here...

The second place artist (I wanted to get another artist in place just in case Candy had an emergency or couldn't do it, as I always like to have a Plan B to go to) was Jon Alderink. He's a young guy with a lot of potential and he matched Candy's style the closest. So good job to Jon as well! Jon is also now helping me with a side project coloring a thing for my voice actor friend and Hollywood Hal himself, Scott Innes. Scott wanted an photo of himself with all the cartoon character voices he's done such as Scooby, Shaggy, Scrappy, Yogi Bear, etc. to have for events to sign for people so Jon is coloring all 20 characters I drew that will be arranged around Scott. I'll post it when finished! You can go to for more of Jon's stuff! Onwards and Upwards!

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