Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SCOOBY-DOO #138 Cover art! Rough Color Version!

Here's the new Scooby cover for issue #138. This is still rough in the color scheme still. Heroic Age is still working on this one since I was unable to do it myself. My new editor emails me late last Monday and says, "It says on the schedule that you're doing the cover to 138." Well, that was news to me. I know I'm doing the lead story for the book but the old editor never told me I was doing the cover as well. So now due to the rush (I only had like two days to do it) I had worked up a tight pencil of what you see above and then sent it out like 3am on early Tuesday morning. I got word back from my editor around 11am on Tuesday and he loved it and said to ink it and load it up on the FTP and thanks for doing it so quick. So I did. It was a super fast job but I like the way it came out.

Normally, as you my regular blog readers know, I color my covers too but I was jammed with so much else that Heroic Age thankfully took it and did it. Also, this is the rare cover version that I envisoned with a harvest moon. Apparently, it was changed though for a traditional white/blue moon. I don't know why exactly. Everytime you see a witch on Halloween it's with a harvest moon. Go to any greeting card store and you'll see. Anyway, it should be out in November since it's about a witch running around the White House. You may insert your own joke here. The story is called "The Wicked Witch of the West Wing". When I get the final version of the cover I'll post it. Enjoy!

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