Monday, October 13, 2008

DOWN ON THE FARM - Old Ford Farm Tractor Conceptual Design Done In The Late 90's

Here's a side view sketch of an old Ford farming tractor I did for The Mint in mid-'98. Don't know what kind of model number tractor it is was since the piece of art wasn't labelled. There were a few I did but I wasn't really a 'gear head' so I just kind of did the art relying on the reference being good. You can see the paste-overs and fixes I did on the bigger version of it. We did work quite a bit for the reproduction end of things and didn't work for the original art end of it since no one would ever see the stuff outside of the artists who did further work on the stuff. Now the GUNSMOKE stuff I did and posted was done to be seen on products and so I kept the original art clean and mistake free as I could.

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