Sunday, October 26, 2008

POWER RANGERS JUNGLE FURY - "The Force Of The Elephant" Kids Book Final Art!

Here's a bunch of spreads for the 3rd Power Rangers Jungle Fury book called The Force Of The Elephant! This was just finished the first week of October and it came out great! Very happy with the work here though it was a mountain to climb as well to get it done on time. Candy did a great job helping me again to get this thing done as I got the manuscript for the 4th book (and last of the series) in the middle of finishing the job. I'm doing the tight pencils for it this coming week (I did the thumbnails and layout this past week and it features the Purple Wolf Ranger in the story)! This 3rd story has the Power Rangers getting help from Master Phant to help them defeat the Pangolin and the Dai Shi! Enjoy!

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