Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still Protecting People From The Evil Dai Shi Clan! - Prelim Sketch for POWER RANGERS JUNGLE FURY Book 4!

Here's a sketch prelim for y'all! I did this rough for one of the new spreads for Power Rangers Jungle Fury (Book #4) called Enter The Wolf! I'm almost done the pencil stage of it and it's proven more difficult since there is a TON of detail on the villains of this story! I've got about 5 spreads left to tighten up from my thumbnails. This art that I'm sharing will have their three animal spirits floating behind the Rangers. I do it all separately so that I can play with the composition in the computer later once I scan the art...

In other news, I also got a new Scooby project this week from Schibsted in Sweden called The Forest Phantom to pencil now as well for a December 1st deadline! Moving right along I'll start that mid-next week after I finish the Rangers roughs! Also this weekend, I have to finish a new Alfie cartoon and layout the new issue of DCM Magazine! We got a great interview with James Bond actor Daniel Craig so I have to lay that out as well.

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