Monday, October 13, 2008

INDIAN PHOTO KNIFE - Conceptual Knife Design Done In The Late 90's

Here is an Indian 'Photo' Knife design that I did toward the end of my time at The Mint. It was to have a seraded blade and a wooden-carved handle with silver ends. There were to be some kind of gems placed on it, and I did red rubies since I thought it looked good and complemented the colors more. Blue would have worked too I think. It was a much more simplified knife than the other dragon ones I posted on my blog. The open area was to be where a photo of Geronimo or some other famous Indian figure was to be placed. I can't remember who it was supposed to be at this point though. The knives were always drawn on graph paper first to get the design balance down and then we would redraw the knife onto white paper, tracing paper or vellum and then do the color. This was colored with magic markers and some colored pencils. The sheen across the blade was done with blue pastel.

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