Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS - New Logo For Scott Innes' Yearly Charity

Here's the new logo I whipped together for Scott Innes' yearly charity thing. Done in about an hour after I played around with finding a font I liked. It's simple and was done for a small area on the http://www.wynk.com/ website where people will be able to click and donate. The second design is the same, but I had to add the Neighbors Federal Credit Union logo to it since they are a sponsor for it as well and they need a logo for their clients to see for their own site and emails they will send out.

The last logo here that is all in red on white is will be a one-color t-shirt design that will be made. I like the simplicity of it and how it's kind of 'boxed in' to frame it better. It should be up on the wynk site by the end of the week!

UPDATE: The logo is now up! http://www.wynk.com/pages/scottinnes2.html

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