Sunday, October 12, 2008

EASY RIDER - Pewter Sculpture Conceptual Design Done In The Late 90's

Here's two versions of a final design I did for an Easy Rider Sculpture for The Mint in the late 90's. These were the final versions though there were plenty of roughs with different moments of the film being immortalized in pewter. It was the same idea as to what I did with the Audrey Hepburn figurine that I posted last. Not sure why this design was the one chosen. Maybe it was to appeal to motorcycle collectors more than some of the other designs which had the characters taking more of the focus? The reason I'm posting the pencil version is for you to see the alternate version of the text logo that I did. We ultimately went with the 'engine plate' logo as you can see on the toned version. It was supposed to be a pewter statue with a limited use of bronze mixed into it, so I used magic marker as a simple guide as to placement. The cool thing about the base plate was that I designed it to be in the shape of America and if you saw the other viewpoint I did of it looking straight down from the top you could see the familiar shape. Then once the figures and bikes were added they'd be 'traveling across America' as they did in the movie. I thought it was a cool idea. There were more sketches as well done for it, and there was one that had Jack Nicholson's character sitting on the back of Fonda's bike, but I think we had to take him off for licensing reasons. As I recall, not sure though, we only had the rights to Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper likenesses.

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