Sunday, October 19, 2008

ROBERT WAGNER NATURE WATCHES - Conceptual Watch Design Done In The Late 90's

Here is the final color art I did with color markers for a watch line that The Mint was doing for actor Robert Wagner. I don't know why he had a nature watch but I worked on it. At any rate, these rough color finals were to show the look of the final designs for the leather watch band itself. The actual watch band art would have been etched into the leather or rather it would have been used as a guide for the artist doing the work. This scan is from a color copy of the actual work so it lost a little something-something. This was also one of the 4 or 5th things I did at the beginning of my time at The Mint. I was still learning the ropes of office politics and back-stabbing and the drama of betrayal that was always going on there. It was kinda like Survivor and you had to align yourself with certain people over another group. Like Lord of the Flies or Animal Farm... only with adults. It reminds to this day why I love to work at home than in a studio! Artists can sure be whack-a-doos!

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