Monday, October 13, 2008

SCOTT INNES "WARM & FUZZIES" - Music CD Art & Design!

Here is the final artwork for Scott Innes' new CD called Warm & Fuzzies! This is a free CD that will be passed out at promotional events that Scott and WYNK Radio will be doing. It's a lot cooler than a t-shirt that most places do and it has songs and other feel good Christmas things on it that Scott has done on the radio over the years at WYNK (WYNK 101.5 in Baton Rouge). I did the CD art two weeks ago and it's now being manufatured at Oasis CD Manufacturing (where all our Hal & Al stuff is manufactured as well). The cover art with Scooby is a tweaked piece of art that was used on a cover of a Scooby comic I did a year ago. I had to digitally fix it make Scooby look like he was sleeping and reorganize the layers of the art to make it work for a CD cover format. The back cover uses elements of the Christmas card I did for Scott a few years ago. I reused a lot of stuff to get it done in between all my other gigs I got going on so I'm glad that this wasn't a four or six-panel CD layout. Being just a two-panel folder layout helped to keep it simple without craming too much in. I think it came out looking great! Thanks to Rollin' Homes for sponsoring it! You'll also be able to download all the tracks for FREE at when it is released officially! Who doesn't like free stuff?!

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