Thursday, October 2, 2008

JULIE BELL FANTASY BIKE - Conceptual Design Done For THE MINT in 1999

Here is the final art sketch I did for a Julie Bell pewter figurine sculpture in late '99 featuring one of her 'Heavy Metal' type of characters on a demonic motorcycle. Well, it's just the bike actually. We designed one thing at a time and getting the bike right was the more important of the two main elements. We were given free reign and a few artists at The Mint took a stab at doing it. I thought it was weird that Julie just didn't do the concept herself and then give it to The Mint and say, "Here, make this." I did around three to five sketches total for it and this was my favorite and the one that I think came close to being made. The sculpture was produced, but it's been so long that I can't remember how the final looked other than it had a 'Heavy Metal' style, half -naked, warrior chick straddling her cycle with her arm up in defiance of something. I think the imagery was based on a Julie Bell feel and not based on one of her actual paintings. It's been a loooonnngggg time since this was done so I don't remember. I'm quite happy with the drawing even now since I'm quite critical of my own work. It was one of those projects that I didn't mind sinking my teeth into. It's funny looking at it now as I think that it would have fit perfectly into the Ghost Rider movie that was out last year with Nic Cage!

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